Welcome to the web page of  Center for social development, research and innovation – INOVA!

CENTER FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, RESEARCH AND INNOVATION – INOVA was established by group of enthusiastic teachers/ experts in education, social studies, STEM, ecology, economy, agriculture with the unique goal of promotion, encouragement and support of sustainable community development through education, research and activism. From 2020 we will provide Erasmus KA1 training courses that will be organized in Vukovar. We invite you to check our courses and give us feedback.

Inova’s members vision is to promote and develop education, science and lifelong learning through joint and interdisciplinary approach, international learning and mobility in education.

We want to encourage and implement educational, research and development activities/projejcts that will enable sustainable development – educational, research and project activities in the field of:

  • Environmental protection,
  • Innovation in the STEAM area ,
  • Protection and management of natural resources and energy efficiency (especially waste and water management),
  • Raise awareness of recycling and the use of environmentally friendly technology and renewable energy,
  • Promotion and development of socially responsible business and social entrepreneurship,
  • Eco-tourism, green entrepreneurship and women’s entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly farming methods,
  • Non-environmentally friendly agricultural methods and smart agricultural technologies,
  • Education and economic empowerment of women (especially women in rural areas).

We believe that sustainable development is not possible without its social components, therefore our activities are also focused on:

  • Education, promotion, development and human rights protection, intercultural dialogue, social solidarity and responsibility, social justice and peacebuilding,
  • Protection and improvement quality of life of marginalized groups,
  • Development and promotion of gender equality and equity,
  • Development of a democratic society based on the rule of law, civic activism, dialogue and cooperation of all society stakeholders,
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles and healthy living,
  • Promotion and development media literacy,
  • Contribution, encouragement, promotion and development of volunteerism,
  • Empowering and supporting the development of the civil sector.
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