Bruno Sekereš
Chief organizer

Primary school teacher  with extensive knowledge in Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects. Chief organizer of the training courses provided by Center for social development, research and innovation- INOVA.  Participated  as a coordinator in two Erasmus  KA1 projects „Classroom without walls“ and  „Digital school-global school“ during  which he attended training courses in Portugal and Estonia. In work he uses digital educational resources and working on internationalization and digitalization of school he works in.

Sanja Božić
Chief organizer

Sanja is primary school teacher in Antin. She graduated 2005. at Teachers Academy in Zagreb and since then she has been working in the classroom. Sanja and her coworker Bruno are the main organizers of courses that Inova provides. She participates actively in eTwinning and Erasmus projects at school. For over five years she had been a Christmas fair coordinator where we gathered funds for „Mary's meals“ organization. . In her work she is using digital applications and programs such as Mozabook, Wordwall, Plickers etc. Creativity, innovations, arts are her favourite „field of interests“

Danijel Forjan

Danijel is a ICT teacher and mentor in Primary school Pantovčak in Zagreb. He use ICT tools in classes with his students, especially tools for class menagement, quizzes, tests and working in cloud (Office 365).

Danijel have experience on few European projects: he is Croatian ambasador for project called ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments - prevention of peer violence and peer support in schools; European Schoolnet is coordinating this project in Europe); he is also coordinator in Erasmus KA2 project „RespACT Your Peer, Don't Bully Be FRIENDLY“ (examples of good practice between few european schools on combating violence against children).

He often participate on competitions for using robotics in every school where he work (mBot and micro:bits, Arduino etc.).

He also works from 2016-2022 as an educator in the large Croatian project of the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNET) in teacher education for the application of technology in teaching, project is called eSchool (digitalisation of education and application of technology and ICT tools in teaching, class menagement and communication of teachers and all participants in education).

Because of his active uses tehnology in everyday life and in working with students, he became MIE (Microsoft Inovative Educator Expert) for school years 2016-2020.

He regularly presents his experiences and examples of good practice at national expert conferences (CARNET User Conference) and online webinars.

His main goal is to constantly develop his teaching and ICT skills, which should be the goal of all participants in education.

Marijana Šundov

Primary school teacher promoted to mentor with extensive knowledge in Erasmus+ and eTwinning projects. Actively cooperating with private school Algebra through Digital Academy Programme for children. Digital educational materials author and Informatics workbook author at Školska knjiga d.d., biggest Croatian publisher. Educator and workshop provider for pilot project „The e-Schools- Development of the System of Digitally Mature Schools“, provided by Carnet.
Specialized in web tools and digital educational resources. Administrator/Owner of Facebook page „Inovativna nastava“, providing digital educational resources/materials for free public usage.

1. Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia Award Winner for 2019. –One of 500 most successful teachers in Croatia
2. Private School „Algebra“ Award Winner for 2017. – Best Teacher Award

Krešimir Krolo

Krešo is assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Zadar. His research focus lies mainly in the area of digital interactive media, new media theories and methodologies, youth and (digital) youth cultures. He has published in respectable Elsevier and Sage journals in the field of cultural consumption and media, and has coordinated several independent research projects regarding youth, culture, cultural consumption and media in Croatia. He spent a semester at University of North Carolina with the grant from American Council from the program JFDP (Junior Faculty Development Program). Currently he is finishing co-authoring a book about cultural preferences in Croatian youth as well as a public policy model for future Centre for socio-cultural activities in Zadar, Croatia.

Jasmina Šahović Žabka
Inova board member

Jasmina is one of the INOVA founders.  High school social science teacher and  project manager with MA in andragogy and rather long work experience in writing and managing EU projects and Erasmus projects.  Her professional focus and trainings (other than teaching, of course) includes: the role of  teacher and methods oriented at teaching outcomes,  empowerment of the individual and school for curriculum development, methods oriented at students, strategic planning and interpersonal relations, reading and writing for critical thinking, education for peaceful conflict resolution, intercultural education, holocaust education.

Marija Lesandrić

Marija is a primary school teacher working in a small district school in Marinci. She graduated in 2013 at the Faculty of Education, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and since then she has been working in the classroom. She attended and completed a professional course to become a Montessori pedagogue in 2015. She applies the principles of this pedagogy in her everyday teaching with full competence.  She is enrolled in the postgraduate doctoral study "Pedagogy and Culture of the Contemporary School" at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek and is going to write her doctorate in the field of Montessori pedagogy and its application in modern teaching.

She works as an external associate at the Faculty of Education in Slavonski Brod and collaborates on the performance of the course: Methodological Exercises in the Science Subject; Integrated Teaching and Alternative Schools.

Marija is the co-author and editor of several scientific and professional papers, book chapters, textbooks for primary school and the author of digital materials for the publishing house Alfa. She is an active participant of many international scientific and professional conferences and projects, but also actively participates in eTwinning and Erasmus projects at school. She is also a mentor to her students in competitions in various fields of student’s interests.

  1. Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia Award Winner for 2020 – One of the 500 most successful teachers in Croatia.
  2. Vukovar-Srijem County Award for mentoring students who have achieved national success. (2019)
Bojan Markičević
Bojan is an experienced facilitator, trainer and senior science education and communication consultant. He is involved in teaching and teacher training both at formal and informal level. He, currently teaches physics in Zagreb suburbs, at the Primary School Velika Mlaka and works as a lecturer for undergraduate students of Frontiers of life science at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI Paris) within Paris Descartes university as a coordinator for transversal scientific skills. With French colleagues he founded a non-profit association Atelier des Jours a Venir (AJV) where he works as a science education consultant. Within the association he is developing and delivering trainings on topics like science communication, scientific integrity and scientific literacy for PhD and Postdoctoral students. Between 2013 and 2015 with AJV he co-leaded a PhD course at ETH, Zurich. He is actively involved as an educator and mentor trainer for Science Factory since its beginning in 2007. In 2009 he gathered international and interdisciplinary team where science communication was developed as a conflict management tool, giving birth to the Con Sol project which produced couple of important educational interventions in post and ongoing conflict zones like Croatia, Ethiopia and Palestine. With the insights from that particular project he has been invited to present innovative approaches in science education and peace building at universities all over the world giving workshops, lectures and trainings at Beijing University, China, VU University Amsterdam and Utrecht University, Netherlands, St Mary’s University College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and UCLA in California. Bojan was a lecturer at SISSA Masterclass of science communication in Trieste, Italy and he collaborated with Science Center Network in Vienna at training the methodic STEM teacher trainers. In last couple of years, he works intensively with Croatian academic and research network where he trains STEM teachers on integration of research-oriented teaching processes and innovative inquiry-based teaching techniques. He was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina but he will introduce himself as an Earthling, resident of the Planet Earth.
Goran Hajnal
Goran is a physics teacher at the Isidor Kršnjavi High School in Našice. He completed several trainings such as E-learning specialist for content creation and application - Algebra 2011 and SCIENTIX - modular training for STEM teachers - CARNET 2018. He continually develops communication skills by attending workshops and lectures at the Winter School of Physics of Osijek-Baranja County, Science Festival, FERIT Open Days in Osijek, Summer Science Factory in Split, TEHNICOOLUM - Technical Culture Fair in Osijek. In addition, he regularly participates in eTwinning and Erasmus+ projects at school. Moreover, he is the coordinator of the Erasmus+ KA229 project Sound STEM all around and the school coordinator for the projects Architecture - a journey through time and space and Learn IT. He often organizes field trips for students to destinations such as the Paks and Krško nuclear power plants, the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, and the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb. He is the author of several video lessons of i-teaching, support for teachers, students and parents. He has repeatedly mentored students at state physics competitions. In class, he uses his own website made in Moodle and a YouTube channel where he publishes recordings of experiments. He has also been appointed a member of the expert working group for the preparation and development of the state matura exam in physics and accompanying exam materials for the school year 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.
Natalija Bošnjaković
Natalija, mag.prim.educ., is a teacher mentor and Ph.D. student at The Educational Sciences and Perspectives of Education, Faculty of Education in Osijek. The primary focus of her scientific interest is the application of gamification in teaching and school climate, i.e. parent-teacher relationships. She graduated in 2009 at the Faculty of Education in Osijek and since then she has been working in the classroom. In 2012 she participated in the biennial international Comenius project and she has been participating in Erasmus+ projects since 2014. In 2021 under CEEPUS mobility she resided in Hungary where she taught teacher studies students about the usage of digital technology in class. She has been a mentor to teacher studies students for several years now. In recent years she has been a frequent lecturer at professional teachers' meetings and since 2021 she collaborates with a publishing house, Alfa d.o.o. She was a digital educational materials author at Školska knjiga d.d for two years. She is also a mentor to her students in competitions and projects in various fields of student’s interests, especially in the STEM field (MAT league, Bebras, Mathematical Kangaroo, Generation NOW, STEM Revolution etc.). Since 2019 she is a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. She participates gladly in projects that help to promote human rights, democracy, tolerance and to help those in need.
Luana Jurić
Luana Jurić, mag.educ.philol.angl. et. germ. is a German and English teacher at Primary school Vođinci, Croatia and Ph.D. student at The Educational Sciences and Perspectives of Education, Faculty of Education in Osijek. The primary focus of her scientific interest are children with special needs and the inclusive classroom environment. She graduated in 2015 at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Osijek and since then she has been working in the classroom. She has been participating in Erasmus+ projects since 2019 and is also the Erasmus+ coordinator for Primary school Vođinci. She was always interested in education with special needs students, but since participating in the Erasmus+ programme this passion grew considerably stronger through a deeper knowledge in the field of cognitive neuroscience, disabilities etc. In 2018 she was authorized by the President of the County Court in Vukovar to act as a court interpreter for English and German language.
Eva Herrero
Eva's journey began with a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Valencia, and her passion for learning and exploring new horizons led her to the Erasmus+ program in Amsterdam. 🌍 Since then, she has made her mark in the world of social media, having worked as a social media manager for renowned companies like Meliá Hotels International and Jeff. In 2021, Eva took the leap into freelancing, becoming a go-to expert for marketing services. Specializing in Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn, she has been instrumental in helping brands not just exist but thrive in the digital landscape. But that's not all – Eva's love for teaching shines through! She has served as a workshop instructor for Twitter Spain, guiding marketing agencies in unlocking the full potential of the platform. Additionally, she has contributed as a facilitator for Erasmus+ teacher training courses, sharing her knowledge and passion for social media.