Media literacy for 21st Century

This module addresses the challenges media literacy concepts and perspectives face today with rapid change in digital technological environment. In order to grasp to complexities of contemporary media environment and architecture, first lecture will deal with the basic terminology and approaches regarding the role of big data system, social networks and algorithmic driven interaction and participation. Second lecture will explore the role of memes in contemporary digital communication, while the third lecture will analyse the importance of opinion makers in the digital environment with the special emphasis on the role models for the youth. Fourth lecture will explain the connection of populist political movements and prominent public figures with the technological and informational environment that enables it. Fifth lecture will address the challenges of how to conduct media literacy in fragmented digital public sphere with special emphasis on the role of digital mega companies in providing a more functional environment for the informed citizen. All lectures except on the first day will be accompanied with workshops using various tools that engage students in recognizing malevolent content in the field of politics, environment, class and gender issues.


- To understand and adopt the basic terminology of the contemporary digital environment and how to use it properly in the classroom
- To understand and adopt classification and architecture of the memes and how they spread
- To understand terminology surrounding opinion makers in the context of social media and their communication with the audience
- Analysis of the fake news phenomenon and how it is used by demagogues through their social media profiles and posts
- Analysis of the scope and effect of media literacy programs and how to cope with its shortcomings in the classroom



  • Participants arrival
  • Meeting in a hotel
  • Practical information about the city, currency, etc.
  • Walk through city center
  • Dinner in one of Vukovar restaurants

Day 2 MONDAY – lecture (2)

  • Big data, algorithm and informational capitalism– understanding the dynamics of contemporary digital communication
  • Discover Vukovar

Day 3 TUESDAY – lecture (2) + workshop (2)

  • Fantastic memes and how to understand them – analysis of contemporary digital culture
  • Guided visit to city Ilok and dinner near river Dunav (Ilok’s famous vine cellars) OPTIONAL

Day 4 WEDNESDAY – lecture (2) + workshop (2)

  • Youtubers, bloggers and influencers: understanding the appeal of opinion makers in the digital environment

Day 5 THURSDAY – lecture (2) + workshop (2)

  • Fake news, trolls and bots - demagogues and populism in the age of social media

Day 6 FRIDAY – lecture (2) + workshop (2)

  • Is media literacy spent? Contemporary challenges of teaching media literacy
  • Certificates ceremony
  • Writing Reviews

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Vukovar, Croatia