Beyond the Classroom: Navigating Modern Teacher-Parent Communication

InovaCourses presents you the new training course for teachers!

Times have evolved, and the landscape of education and familial dynamics has transformed significantly! In this era of change, the paradigms of teaching, parenting, and communication between educators and parents have undergone a profound shift.

Recognizing the pivotal role these dynamics play in shaping students’ lives and academic achievements, it becomes imperative for teachers to align their communication skills with contemporary standards. This course is meticulously designed to empower educators in identifying and implementing strategies that foster effective communication with parents and families.

Participants will delve into acclaimed theories, explore captivating case studies, and unveil the myriad benefits of involving parents and families in a child’s educational journey. This exploration aims to inspire the development of personalized approaches that contribute to nurturing a positive learning environment within the school community.

Through immersive role-plays and gamified activities, participants will gain hands-on experience in communication techniques and active listening. The course provides a unique opportunity to hone social and emotional skills, enabling educators to cultivate meaningful relationships with families and offer support during challenging situations.

Furthermore, the curriculum delves into intercultural communication strategies, equipping participants with essential competencies for engaging with families from diverse cultural backgrounds. As a culmination, participants will acquire practical insights into various digital educational platforms, leveraging them as tools to enhance collaboration between parents and teachers, ultimately supporting students in their educational journey.”

Upon completion of the course, participants can expect to achieve the following outcomes:

Enhanced Communication Proficiency: Develop advanced communication skills, enabling participants to effectively engage with parents and families in a contemporary educational context.

Implementation of Strategic Initiatives: Apply strategic initiatives to initiate and sustain effective communication between teachers and parents, fostering a collaborative and supportive educational environment.

Application of Accredited Theories: Implement accredited theories related to teacher-parent communication, integrating theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios.

Effective Problem-Solving: Acquire problem-solving skills through the analysis of case studies, enabling participants to navigate real-world challenges in teacher-parent interactions.

Demonstrated Benefits of Engagement: Articulate and showcase the benefits of parent and family engagement in a child’s learning, emphasizing the positive impact on academic success and overall well-being.

Personalized Approaches: Develop personalized approaches to promote a positive learning environment within the school community, tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of participants’ educational settings.

Practical Communication Experience: Gain hands-on experience in communication techniques and active listening through engaging role-plays and gamified activities.

Social and Emotional Skills Mastery: Enhance social and emotional skills, enabling educators to navigate and manage relationships with families effectively, especially in challenging situations.

Intercultural Competence: Demonstrate intercultural communication competencies, allowing participants to engage seamlessly with families from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Digital Education Integration: Acquire practical knowledge about various digital educational platforms, empowering participants to utilize technology as a tool for enhancing cooperation between parents and teachers, and supporting students in their learning journey.

Confirmed dates:

18.2.2024-23.2.2024. , Vukovar, Croatia

23.6.2024.-28.6.2024., Split, Croatia